Library Rules and Regulations

Library Clearance

To ensure that library users have no accountabilities before they shall go on vacation, leave, or separate from the University, they must secure a library clearance. Rules and regulations pertaining library clearance shall be as follows:

    • A library clearance shall be required from each student at the end of every semester/term and from each faculty on teacher’s leave at the end of every academic year.
    • A library clearance shall also be required from each transferring/graduating student and resigning/retiring faculty and staff member.
    • Students securing library clearances shall be required to present their Library ID Cards to the concerned librarian.
    • The Library ID Cards of students separating from the University shall be punched before returning these to them to avoid misuse of such IDs.
    • No clearance shall be issued to any student/faculty/staff member who has still unsettled accountability.
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