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Service Hours

The main library is open from Monday to Saturday 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (no noon break) except on hilidays. Unit libraries have their own specific service hours.

Control Desk

For better accessibility to the sources of information, the ULS adopts an open-shelf system. Hence, a control desk is maintained at the main door to safeguard library properties.

Upon entering the library, clients are required to present their valid Library Identification (ID) Cards (for students), University Employee ID Cards or Appointments (for other University constituents), and referral letters in addition to the School/Agency IC Cards (for non-MMSU users) to the guard on duty, and to leave their bags in the depository shelf. Likewise, when they go out, they must present their books and other belongings for inspection.

The Library ID Card

The Library ID Card is a basic requirement for the use of information resources and facilities of the ULS. Hence, after enrolment, freshmen or new students must apply for their Library ID Card immediately. The deadline for Library ID Card application and validation is July 31.

New Student.    New student applying for a Library ID Card are required to:

  • present their registration forms for the current semester;
  • fill out the Library Information Sheet;  and
  • submit two copies of 1” x 1” ID picture to the assigned staff member or unit librarian.

Old Student.  Old students are equired to present their registration forms for the current semester and their Library ID Cards to the Librarian of the service area/unit for validation.

Shiftee Student. Students shifting from one degree course to another are required to change their previous Library ID Cards. To re-apply for another Library ID Card, they must:

  • present their registration forms for the current semester and their previous Library ID;
  • fill out the Library Information Sheet;  and
  • submit one 1” x 1” picture to the concerned library staff.

Loss or Damage of Library ID Card.  In case of loss or damage of Library ID Card, application for another one is allowed.  The applicant must:

  • inform the librarian about the loss/damage of the Library ID Card;
  • secure on Affidavit of Loss from the Administrative or Designated Officer;
  • pay Php 20.00 for the Affidavit of Loss and Php 30.00 for the replacement of an ID to the Cashier’s Office;
  • present the affidavit of Loss and official receipt to the concerned library staff;  and
  • submit one copy of 1” x 1” picture.

The finished ID card must bear the signature of the ULS director countersigned by the librarian of the service area/unit.


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