Library Rules and Regulations

Library Privileges

Library privileges shall be personal and individual. They shall not be transferred to or used on behalf of other persons. Library privileges shall be classified as follows:

  • Borrowing privileges are extended to all duly registered students, administrators, faculty, and non-teaching staff members of the University.
  • Reading privileges are extended to University casual or contractual staff, visiting scholars, lecturers, researchers, and graduates of the University upon application to the ULS Director. However, materials on reserve are for the exclusive use of the students and faculty of the University.
  • Use of facilities like the University Educational Technology Center, its information resources, and equipment can be authorized by the ULS Director. Scheduling of the use of such facilities must be done 3 days before the actual use.
  • Constituents of the University can also use other libraries but they must seek first a referral letter from the ULS Director.

Loss of Library Privileges. Non-compliance with the library rules and regulations shall result in the curtailment or suspension of the library privileges of the offender.

  • The ULS Director or unit librarians can expel from the library building anyone who disturbs or annoys others or who is damaging books or any other property of the library.
  • The ULS Director or unit librarians shall send a written warning to a borrower who fails to return a material after two recall notices have been sent.
  • If the written warning is ignored, the ULS Director or unit librarians may suspend temporarily the borrowing privileges of the offender until the material is returned and the accrued fines are paid.
  • If the offenders refuse to pay for the outstanding charges, such as fines, replacement costs of damaged books or repair of damaged properties, the ULS Director or Unit Librarians can withhold their borrowing privileges until their accounts are cleared or subject to pertinent institutional rules.
  • Repeated offenses may lead to total loss of library privileges, including the use of any of the branch libraries. These may also lead to disciplinary action as provided under the University rules for student/staff/faculty conduct.
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