The University Library System

The establishment of the University Library System (ULS) in 1980 has become one of the most significant achievements of the university's development programs. Since then, the ULS continuous to serve as vital resource in the university.

Guided by the "information access" and "multimedia" concepts, the ULS intends to deliver quality sevice to you in your use of the information needed in transforming abd improving your life. Thus, it is manned by professionally qualified and competent staff, maintains appropriate and extensive facilities as well as collects and organizes relevant information resources in various formats.

As of September 2014, the ULS has a total book collection of 42,241 titles and 66,988 volumes. Other library holdings include serials, theses/manuscripts, clipping/information files, brochures, pamphlets, art and museum materials, and audiovisual and electronic media materials (e.g., VCDs/DVDs, CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs, audiobooks, e-books, online databases, and Internet resources).

As a system, the libraries can share information and human resources as well as facilities with one another.


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